I want to go shopping soooooo bad. Just a massive shopping spree and buy summer dresses and shoes and cute blouses. No pants because i need to drop the baby weight so i can fit back into my pretty work trousers that make my butt look fantastic. Then i remind myself that there are bills that need to be paid :-\


Everyday Objects Turned Into Creative Illustrations by Victor Nunez [via]

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This is pretty cool

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Instead of it saying Spa Manager, this is what i want my sign to say

Instead of it saying Spa Manager, this is what i want my sign to say

I look at you
and I think to myself,
I don’t mind this,
not one bit.

I can picture
late night walks
and breakfast in bed.
I can picture
the pillow fights
and making dinner
for our friends.
I can picture
chemistry without trying
and your body
on top of mine.

I can picture
all of that,
all the time.

Orange juice

I like my orange juice to have so much pulp that i have to chew it ….and also a bunch of vodka in it too.






Don’t Be That Guy.

Great campaign! Great point!

signal boosting the shit out of this

you can never NOT reblog this

I have to reblog this because of that fucking ignorant little bitch last night who attempted. DON’T FUCKING BE THAT GUY.

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Work and moving on up

So i got a promotion at work and i am now a manager for a new salon and spa my company is taking over. So technically we still don’t take over until the first of the month but just dealing with the current employees and how dysfunctional the place is, makes it clear to us as to why they are sinking fast. So while i’m excited over this new opportunity and location i get to manage, i’m still worried about the past reputation the place had and how it can bite us in the ass. That and the current people leaving and talking shit about us and me having to deal with damage control since this is a smaller town.

The yard, and it was still snowing -_____-

The yard, and it was still snowing -_____-


19 Ridiculously Easy Mugs Of Overnight Oats

  1. Strawberry Rhubarb Overnight Oats
  2. Cherry Almond Overnight Oats
  3. Cocoa Nib And Pomegranate Overnight Oats
  4. Mango And Banana Overnight Oats
  5. Overnight Oats With Coconut, Almond, And Cacao
  6. Pumpkin Persimmon Overnight Oats
  7. Green Monster Overnight Oats
  8. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Overnight Oats
  9. Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats

All 19 recipes can be found HERE

This sounds delish

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I love the skirt especially

I love the skirt especially

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